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Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Cook's Corner

This is the blog of a foodie. I love cooking and I want to share my love of cooking with anyone who cares to listen. I will be posting different entries that center on what I am cooking and what I would like to cook. I would love input from other people. Sharing a love of cooking is a wonderful thing.

What is your banjo (your light, what brings you joy)? Mine is my family, cooking, and writing. For me cooking and writing are my ways to express myself. Instead of saying I love you over and over; even though I say it all the time, I show my family in other ways. I cook for them. I try to give them the best food, prepared the best way I know how. Chopping fresh herbs; using good ingredients; making up recipes; and amazingly enough, cleaning up are all things I enjoy doing not only for my family; but for myself as well.

Canning is another favorite hobby of mine. One of the neatest aspects of canning is that I can have homemade food at the drop of a hat. There really is no limit to the things one can can. I have canned chili, jambalaya, tortilla soup, taco soup, clam chowder, and tortilla soup. After gaining fifty pounds eating fast food while I was in school, it is great that I can eat healthy without much fuss at night.

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