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Monday, November 26, 2007

Mexican Pasta with Shrimp and Sausage

This is a recipe I created. I love to cook and try new things. Once I tried Chorizo sausage, I knew I had to create a recipe that incorporated the sausage and my other favorite food group – shrimp. My family loves shrimp and sausage. This makes a tasty dish. Serve it with a salad and bread. It is great!

Servings 4

1 pound uncooked chorizo sausage links.
1 pound peeled and deveined shrimp
1 large handful cilantro
4 cloves garlic - minced
1 cup white wine
1 1/2 cup chicken stock - or broth
2 teaspoons cumin
1 teaspoon cajun seasoning
1 lb linguini
2 tsp pepper divided
1 tsp salt divided
juice and zest of one lime
1/2 cup olive plus 1 tbsp

Slice sausage and cook in a large skillet with 1 tbsp olive oil until cooked through. Drain well both skillet and sausage. While sausage is cooking marinate shrimp in olive oil lime juice and zest, cajun seasoning, 1/2 salt and pepper. Cook pasta per package directions. While pasta is cooking saute garlic in the same skillet as sausage; add shrimp and cook until pink; deglaze pan with white wine. Add sausage, chicken stock, cumin, rest of salt and pepper, and cook for 5 minutes. Add drained pasta, cilantro, and toss to combine. Serve immediately.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Things I am Thankful For

Okay, I am copying from my friend's blog and writing about the things for which I am most thankful. I think it is a wonderful idea to remember what makes us give thanks; every day.

1. I am so thankful for my kids. I look at them each day and thank God for the most beautiful gift. I think, like most moms, that I have the most precious, terrific kids. I can't imagine life without them.

2. I am thankful for my husband. He truly is the one I never thought I would meet. That line comes from our wedding song - Slow Dancing. It is true, though. He is my best friend and one of the best people to come into my life.

3. I am thankful for my in-laws. I don't have family very close to me, but my in-laws are always there for us, and I truly am thankful. They make good friends too!

4. I am thankful for my familytoo. As it grows smaller, I realize how fortunate I have been to have such wonderfully supportive people around me. I miss my grandparents and mother every day of my life and still cry over the loss. I am thankful, though, that I had so many years to share with them and learn from them. I am lucky to still have family left. My dad and stepmother are very caring, and my aunt is one of the most wonderful people in the world. My Grandma is a wonderful person who makes me laugh. I have been able to get a little closer to my brother and that makes me feel good. I am very lucky.

5. I think I have some of the best friends in the world. Dot - you stepped in when my mom died and I love you for it. You are a wonderful person. Patti, thank you for always listening to me and just being there; you too, Beth, my dinner buddy. Kathleen, my friend from my single days - always there to remind me how much we have changed and grown. Andrea, my college buddy and probably best friend in the world. We have been through so much together - I am so thankful for our friendship. I am also thankful for my new friends too - Robin, Katrina, my school friends - you all help me in many ways and make my life so much better. Thank you. There are other friends I haven't mentioned, but you know who you are and how much you have been there for me - thanks so much. I am truly blessed

6. I love my house - we moved in about two years ago and have had much fun decorating it. It is the house of our dreams.

7. I love malls. I admit it. I love to go shopping. It is one of my favorite things to do. I am thankful someone created them.

8. I am thankful for the feeling of family, love, and togetherness that only comes around during the holidays.

9. I am thankful for every day - each day is a gift, a precious gift.

10. I am thankful for the little things in life that make one smile; a beautiful day, gorgeous flowers, great perfume, a well prepared meal, and all the other things that bring a smile.

Remember this holiday season to give thanks for all your gifts. Have a great holiday!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

People I would like to meet III

I have always wanted to meet Laura Ingells Wilder. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be her. As a child, she was my idol. Her life seemed to be so interesting and I was always sort of depressed that I couldn't ever experience things like that for the first time.

I remember talking to my great grandma one time about the changes in her life because I thought it was so cool that she was born before airplanes, televisions, cars, and things like that. I think the main reason for my fascination about Laura Ingalls Wilder was the fact that she was able to experience for the firs time, things I have always taken for granted. I thought it was so sad for her that she died just a couple of days after she got a new refrigerater for her house. It was a birthday present from her daughter

The other part that I really liked about her was that no matter what she went through, life was still a joy. I wish more of us could look at life like that.

Pay it Forward

The other day, I made a turkey with all the trimmings for my husband. I love cooking food that my family loves to eat. My kids didn't like the turkey, but my husband sure did. I bought two bone-in breasts, and with the bones, made turkey soup. I sent some home with one of my friends for her mother and some to one of the guys who works with my husband.

It is nice to be able to give. I am always reminded of that movie - Pay it Forward. I think we should all try to pay it forward. My goal for this holiday season is to try to pay if forward as often as I can. We are so lucky to have the life we do, and I want to try to share some of that with people.

How can you pay it forward?

Friday, November 16, 2007

People I Would Like to Meet Part II

I would love to meet Sara Jessica Parker. She is never afraid to try something different when it comes to fashion. I wish I could be a little more like that. I like to think I am fashion savy, but in reality I pretty much stick to the same types of clothes all the time. If she could just give me a little advice, that would be great. I will tell you that some of the things she wore on Sex and the City were not my taste at all, but it really isn't about wanting to dress like her, it is about wanting to be able to figure out more easily what looks good on me. Who do you want to meet?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

People I would like to meet

I just read the book, Night, by Elie Wiesel. I would love to meet him. He survived the concentration camps during WWII and wrote about his experiences in such a touching and riviting way. My students, who also read the book, tell me that they now look at the Holocaust in a totally different way because of his story. I would like to thank him for sharing what had to be the worst time of his life. He put such a human face on a part of history. Right now I am reading Dawn, the second book in the trilogy. Pick up a copy if you have a chance. It will open your eyes.