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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

People I would like to meet III

I have always wanted to meet Laura Ingells Wilder. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be her. As a child, she was my idol. Her life seemed to be so interesting and I was always sort of depressed that I couldn't ever experience things like that for the first time.

I remember talking to my great grandma one time about the changes in her life because I thought it was so cool that she was born before airplanes, televisions, cars, and things like that. I think the main reason for my fascination about Laura Ingalls Wilder was the fact that she was able to experience for the firs time, things I have always taken for granted. I thought it was so sad for her that she died just a couple of days after she got a new refrigerater for her house. It was a birthday present from her daughter

The other part that I really liked about her was that no matter what she went through, life was still a joy. I wish more of us could look at life like that.

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Beth said...

Oh you know that I agree with this one! I too would like to meet her. I think I was more enamored (spelling?) with the TV show than the real person! ha ha!