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Friday, February 29, 2008

Cajun Pasta

I wrote a post before about Mexican pasta with shrimp. I modified the recipe a little bit so I am reposting my recipe. I also changed the title. I hope you like. Enjoy!!!

This is a recipe I created. I love to cook and try new things. Once I tried Chorizo sausage, I knew I had to create a recipe that incorporated the sausage and my other favorite food group – shrimp. My family loves shrimp and sausage. This makes a tasty dish. Serve it with a salad and bread. It is great!

1.lb. chorizo raw sausage
1 lb. shrimp–peedled and deveined
2 teaspoons cumin–divided
2 teaspoons cajun seasoning–divided
Juice and zest of 1 lime
kosher salt
1/4 cup Olive Oil plus 1 tablespoon
1 cup white wine
1 1/2 cup chicken stock or broth
1 ladle pasta water
1 pound linguini cooked per package directions

Cook sausage in a large skillet with 1 tbsp olive oil until cooked through. Drain well both skillet and sausage. While sausage is cooking marinate shrimp in olive oil one half of the lime juice and zest, cajun seasoning, cumin, 1/2 salt and pepper.

Cook pasta per package directions. While pasta is cooking saute garlic in the same skillet as sausage; add shrimp and cook until pink.

Deglaze pan with white wine. Add sausage, chicken stock, pasta water, rest of cajun seasoning and cumin, and rest of salt and pepper, and cook for 5 minutes. Add drained pasta, cilantro, rest of lime and zest, and toss to combine. Serve immediately.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Green bags and Beef Recall

I just bought Debbie Meyers' greenbags today - I can't wait to see how they work. It will be really nice if my produce can stay really fresh for more days. I bought some strawberries last week and of course, they went bad before I could eat them. I am trying the bag out with some bananas right now and I am going to the grocery store this week. I will have to keep you posted.

On another front, I just read an article about the large beef recall. I must say that I am really glad I live in a community that allows me to buy a side of beef and not have to purchase meat from the grocery store.

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/ This link is to an article from the Washington Post. There is a link in the article to the Humane Society that shows what the article is talking about.

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23212514/ This article is from MSNBC talking about the actual recall. It is very interesting and very scary. I can't believe that the almighty dollar causes people to do things that might cause harm to the general public.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Getting to Know You

What is his name?
How long have you been together?
Together almost 13 years, married 10 years this month
How long did you date?
Almost two years
How old is he?
40 years old
Who eats more?
We can both eat a lot, but he does eat more than me
Who said I love you first?
I seriously don't remember. It was pretty mutual
Who is taller?
He is by one or two inches
Who can sing better?
Neither of us. He always tells me to quit singing – so do my kids.
Who is smarter?
HUH? I am smarter at some things, he is smarter at other things, we are even when it comes to raising our children.
Who does the laundry?
I do almost all the laundry
Who pays the bills?
What bills??
Who sleeps on the right side?
I sleep on the right side if you look at the bed
Who mows the lawn?
He does. This is his department.
Who cooks dinner?
Me. His cooking consists of frozen pizza or corn on the cob – he does all the grilling, though
Who drives?
He does like 99% of the driving
Who is more stubborn?
We are both very stubborn because we are both right.
Who asked out who first?
We met on a blind date – and the rest is history.
Who proposed?
I think it was kind of mutual. We had talked about marriage and it just kind of happened
Who has more friends?
I really don’t know. We both have friends. we are both very lucky to have as many great people in our lives.
Who is more sensitive?
We are both sensitive. I kind of think I am, but I wouldn’t swear to it.
Who has more siblings?
He does. He has two brothers and I have one brother.
Who wears the pants?
He wears them, I tell him what pair to put on – just kidding. Things are pretty mutual in our family.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Teaching Children

I just had the best lunch. I had forgotten that when I was a kid, I used to eat peanut butter straight from a spoon. I showed my little memory to my kids and shazam, they now love to eat peanut butter the same way! I know it sounds silly, but I think it is so cool that they are doing something I used to do when I was little.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Missing Family

It has been one year since my grandma died, six years since my mom died, eleven years since my granddad died, and almost twenty years since my other granddad died. I hate it that my family is leaving me. I know they aren't "leaving" me, but I really miss them. I love my husband's parents, but they aren't the same, and my friend Dot, while she has become my "person" she still doesn't fill the void of a mother and I don't expect her to. She has, however, been a really good friend and someone I rely on very much.

When I was 19 and ready to move out on my own, seeing my family on a regular basis was the furthest thing on my mind. But now, since I have had kids, I really want them to get to know my side of the family. I want them to be able to see where I came from and learn some of my values.

My grandparents, to me, were two of the best people I could ever meet. No one could live up to their expectations; however, one could try. They never said anything they didn't mean and they always kept their word.

My mom, on the other hand, always seemed to struggle with her life. While she had many opportunities, she seemed to not find all of them. I wish I could have more time with her. I will always live with the thought that I didn't do enough for her.

I love my family and wish I had spent more time with them while they were here. I need to remember this and spend more time with the family I have left.