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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nature and weather

I just had to post these two pictures. The birds and living in our satalite dish - my husband had taken the nest out, but the birds built again, and before he could find it, there were eggs in it. The boys like to look and see what the babies are doing. We try to not get very close, so we don't scare the mama.

Here in the midwest, there has been tons of rain. I mean lots of rain. I have no idea when it is going to stop. Anyway we live across the street from woods and a creek. The other night, while looking at how the water was flooding the yard, we noticed a crawfish crawling on our driveway. I had to take a picture as I had never seen a crawfish running around our yard. We sent him back to the creek. What whacky weather!!!


giz said...

I absolutely love love love that picture of the birds in the nest. The whole nature thing just does it for me. The crawfish - well, would probably have freaked me out entirely - especially if it made it's way to the great white north where they don't live.

Katie's blog said...

The birds are gone now, but it is nice that they use our house. We had two nests this year. I think it is kind of cool