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Monday, June 16, 2008

Eggs on Sunday

Eggs on Sunday is a blog I enjoy reading. Not only does the author make what looks like fabulous dishes, she also takes great pictures.

One particular post stood out for me. Strawberry Lemon Bars for a good cause. In this post, she talks about being diagnosed with cancer two years ago and how it affected her life. The reason for this revelation is the diagnosis (recurrance) of cancer for one of her fellow bloggers. She talks about how the blogging community is rallying around Bri - the cancer patient and holding a food photography event in her honor sponsored by jugalbandi called Click. Please go check it out.

Cancer affects everyone in some way or another and if we can help someone, then that is a very good thing. My heart goes out to Bri in her struggle, and to all those others who are fighting the same fight.

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