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Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Flying Fish Restaurant

Flying Fish was an interesting restaurant. Located very close to our hotel, it was reccommended highly to us by one of the bellmen at the hotel. Walking into the joint - it looks like a joint. Little tables, screen doors, checkered tablecloths, fish hanging everywhere - we knew this was a place for locals. On the wall to our left as we walked in we noticed tons of fish; it was actually the Billy Bass Adoption Center. You all remember those tacky talking fish. Flying Fish found a great place for them. All one has to do is bring Billy into the restaurant, and Flying Fish will give you some food in payment for Billy.

There are no waiters, we just ordered at the counter. I ordered crab legs and crawfish chowder, and my husband ordered grilled salmon - you can see hubby's dinner on the website. He loved his food - even the zuccini. Neither of us like zuccini, but grilled and lightly seasoned was to us, a wonderful way to cook vegetables. We will certainly try this at home. My crab legs were seasoned almost too well. Not only were they very salty, they were also over cooked. I tried to substitute spinach for the potatoes and corn but I was told that the ear of corn and potatoes were just a garnish and that I couldn't substitute. I was somewhat disappointed. My lesson, I guess, would be to order the specialty of the house or something more closely resembeling that.

On the other hand I ordered the special of the day - Crawfish chowder - and wasn't that impressed. I can't really pinpoint what was wrong with it, there were just other soups that I have liked a lot better. There were lots of veggies and the base was spicy, but I didn't find all that much crawfish in my cup. If I were to go back - and I would, I would just have to try something different.

Overall, it was a nice meal. Most of our meals in Memphis have been great. What I really liked about this place is that it is a local restaurant. We just love seeing the "real" town -not always the places that are geared toward the tourists.

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Elle said...

I agree--you won't miss much if you avoid the tourist traps. Go where the locals go!