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Friday, June 13, 2008

Lunch with Elvis

On Wednesday we went to see Elvis' house and ate at Marlowe's, a bbq place by Graceland. Complete with pink limos, stepping into Marlowe's was like stepping into the past. It is amazing to me how one person, dead at that, can have so much influence in one city. Famous for the bbq, Marlowe's is also a homage to the King. Pictures of Elvis adorn the walls, the tables, and even the airwaves - they pipe in the Elvis channel from Sirius radio. That station, by the way, is housed at Graceland. It is all Elvis all the time.

The food was very good. I am on a fried pickle kick, I guess. I ordered some here as well. I really don't know which pickle was better, Marlowe's or Rum Boogies. I think Marlowe's pickles had a cornmeal crust and the dip was a horseradish base with, I think, Paprika. My husband ate the brisket, while I chose the bbq spagetti. The pork in my dish was so tender and there was so much meat - I have never seen so much meat in a sauce. I really enjoyed this bbq sauce, while my husband still thought it was a bit sweet. All in all, we ate way too much food once again.

Graceland was a different place. Nothing has been done to it since Elvis died. The 1930's exterior doesn't tell the story at all. It is a loud; colorful; glitzy; and to me, not homey place. The grounds, on the other hand, were spectacular. The house sits on 13 peaceful acres and has several out buildings. Glad that I went, I have no real desire to go back. I was somewhat amazed by the commercialism of one person. I t is almost like he is still alive - people are making money because of his fame now just like they did when he was alive.


Anonymous said...

They are making more money from Elvis now than they ever did when he was alive. It's amazing. He's an Icon and not a person anymore. At least, that's how it appears to me.

Glad you are having fun.

giz said...

I've always wanted to go to Graceland and just thought it might be too commercialized.

Katie's blog said...

It is very commercialized. I really felt like it was just for the money - like we were being herded in and out of places. Sun Studios, on the other hand was a very cool tour.