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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sun Studio and Rendezvous Restaurant

Our last full day in Memphis was great. We started with a peek at the Duck Palace on the Skyview of the Memphis Peabody. The ducks have a nice place to live and we got a terrific view of the city. An employee told me that in the spring and summer, people get married on the roof and have their receptions in the Skyview Lounge - a beautiful round ballroom on the top floor of the hotel. It was kind of like walking in the past.

After the rooftop, we went to Sun Studios, the birthplace of rock and roll. It was a fabulous tour, filled with interesting facts about the greats - Elvis, Johnny Cash, and the rest of the guys. We not only got to see some of the neat, almost prehistoric equipment that was used in the day, we also got to be in the actual studio where some of the great songs have been recorded. It is actually still a working studio, used at night for recording purposes. The picture of the microphone is the actual mic that was used by Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, and others. We were able to not only photograph it, but we were allowed to touch it. What a sense of history, what a neat historical treasure Memphis has. Being in the same room as some of the greatest singers of our time has to be one of the neatest things.

Later that evening we went to Rendezvous Restaurant, located in an alley across the street from the Peabody. Reccommended to us by a friend, we had been looking forward to this, our last dinner in Memphis. Laid back is what my friend called the place. We walked in, down the stairs and to the hostess desk. She asked us how many were in our party and we told her two. She then proceeded to tell us where we could go find a table. We were amazed that she didn't get up to seat us; that has never happened to us before.

Going to the table, we found our waiter sitting (perching) on one of those wooden high chairs that are really meant for babies, and the laid back scene didn't end there. I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't the paper plates and plastic cutlery. Since the menus double as placemats, there was no need for him to hurry to the table, which gave us plenty of time to look over the menu. There isn't much of a selection - it is a rib place after all. They do have chicken and brisket, ham sandwiches, and some salads, but it is mainly a rib place and that is what they want you to eat. Rendezvous cooks their ribs over charcoal and uses a dry rub, which they put on at the end of the cooking process.

The ribs we ate were the most tender, most flavorful ribs we have ever had. Hubby had the full rack of ribs, while I ate the Lamb Riblits. They were prepared the same way and were also very flavorful, tender and juicy. We started with the bbq chicken nachos, a spicy variation on regular nachos. No bbq sauce was needed, even though there were two varities on the table - hot and mild.

While they don't share the secrets of their dry rub, one can order them from their web site, along with ribs and sauce. It is very expensive, but for those who crave them, it would be worth it to have them shipped out.

They make no bones about it, the main focus of Rendezvous is the food, and what wonderful food it is. One of my friends tells me that he starts smelling the ribs from Rendezvous as soon as he drives into Memphis. For us the restaurant ranks right up there, probably at the top of the charts for us in Memphis restaurants.


Jeff from Sun said...

Thanks for stopping by Sun!!! Come back next time you're in town and if you want to see what we're doing at nights with new musicians stop by our blog.

Elle said...

Mmmmm, ribs! Good stuff!

Katie's blog said...

Thanks for your comments!! I am going to be making my own ribs soon.

I will keep you posted.

Katie's blog said...

Thanks for commenting, Jeff. I took a look at your blog. I really like the music and watching somone recording in that studio.