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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dinner at the Top of the Riverfront

Last night three friends and I went to the Millennium Hotel for dinner at the Top of the Riverfront restaurant. Every few months, my friends and I choose a restaurant and go have a girls’ night out. It all started with my friend Beth wanting to go to this Japanese restaurant a couple of summers ago, and now we are a group of five, although tonight only four could go. The evenings are always fun, and the company is great.

The night was perfect and the views from the restaurant were fabulous, as you can see from the pictures I took. We started our rotation by the Arch in St. Louis and saw sights like the new Cardinal stadium. The neatest part of the restaurant, Top of the Riverfront, located on the 28th floor of the Millennium Hotel, is that it gives a 360 view of the city. About every hour and one half, the restaurant makes a full rotation. As a guest, one can really see and feel the restaurant move if you look at the right time. You can also see how high the Mississippi river is. It is an amazing site to see. The road by the river is under water, some of the steps to the arch are under water as well.

I started with the Peekytoe crab cakes with a cilantro aioli and field greens. The crab cakes were very mild in flavor with a smooth texture that almost melted in your mouth, and the cilantro aioli didn’t have a whole lot of flavor, which was disappointing as I love aioli. The field greens were very fresh, but there wasn’t anything to really dress them up, and the crab cakes and aioli didn’t provide much for the greens.

I followed that up with a Caesar salad, with imported white anchovies and a lot of creamy Caesar dressing. I forgot to ask for light dressing. Why restaurants feel the need to drown their salads in dressing is beyond me; I truly enjoy tasting the lettuce. The anchovies added a lot to the salad; it isn’t often that you can find actual anchovies in salads, so this was a nice addition.

For my entrĂ©e, I chose the Primo Tuttomare. Seafood pasta has to be one of my favorite dishes and I try it whenever I see it on the menu. Sometimes I am disappointed, but not this time. My pasta was very good and quite different from other tuttemares I have eaten in the past. The shrimp were large and cooked to perfection, the crab and lobster meat added different textures and distinctive seafood flavors. The noodles were long thick ribbons of pasta that tasted like it was made fresh. Basil, one of my favorite herbs was included as well, and the sauce was a light cream sauce – pink in color, made with roma tomatoes, garlic and cream. Usually the sauce is either a basic white sauce or a white wine and olive oil sauce

Dessert was something we weren’t going to get, that is until we saw the black and white cheesecake. Mmmm good. It was a three layer cheesecake with chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate cheesecake, topped with cherries and either raspberries or blackberries in a fruit sauce. The four of us split one. It was soo good.

It was a very nice evening. Great views of the city, good food, and good friends – what more could you want?