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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hamburger Helper Confession

I ended up my last post saying that I would hopefully cook more for my family this week. Well, I did cook, I just didn’t’ make up a recipe or cook from scratch. It happens.

After getting our side of beef, we realized that we had tons and tons of ground beef to cook. I asked for as little ground beef as possible this time, but we still got 43 pounds. With what we have left from last time, we have a lot. I do have a cookbook that is totally devoted to cooking with ground beef, but while at the store yesterday, I decided to buy some Hamburger Helper. I couldn’t resist. I haven’t had that in years. I thought the kids would really like it and I knew my husband would be happy that I was using some of our meat.

I bought two flavors – Double Cheeseburger and Mongolian Beef – who knew there were Asian Helpers? Anyway, I made them both along with garlic bread. The boys, surprisingly, turned their collective noses up at dinner. My youngest, who loves spaghetti from a can, thought the Hamburger Helper was gross. Hubby was glad to have a hot meal and actually liked the Asian Helper; he really liked that dinner was ready when he got home. He gets home in time to go bowling and doesn't have much time to eat. I must say that I find it quite amazing that I have one kid who loves pesto, but dislike Hamburger Helper.


Anonymous said...

I knew you could make Hamburger Helper look good. Thanks for the photo!!

HoneyB said...

I'm used to having a freezer full of venison - and a lot of it ground venison (Grumpy mixes it with ground pork) and he didn't get a deer last hunting season - so my freezer feels bare!!!

I don't care for the hamburger helper stuff much myself but have been known to make it when in a pinch (Grumpy loves it. Go figure).

Ruth said...

Every once in a while there's some boxed "fixin's" that jump off the shelf into my grocery cart because the kid in me is yelling "take me! take me! pleeeeeeeease!" And as my mother couldn't always resist, neither could I.

Thanks for sharing.

Nancy R said...

Paula Deen has a recipe for Bobby's Goulash that makes me think of Hamburger Helper...appearance-wise anyway, I've never had Hamburger Helper (deprived childhood ;o). I think her recipe calls for 3 lbs of meat, but I only use 2 lbs of ground beef - it serves a crowd. It's really good.

I've got a Penne Pasta dish that I make...I was going to say often, but just realized it had been a while! It freezes well, and I have given it as a gift to new parents. One friend told me she'd consider having a third child if it meant getting more. I'll have to post it one of these days.

Katie's blog said...

I will have to watch for that post!