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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Anthonino's Taverna

Friday night, a friend and I went to Anthonino’s, an Italian restaurant on the hill. It is one of the newer restaurants, having only been open since 2005. Located on Macklind Avenue, down the street from the corner of Macklind and Southwest, Anthonino's is located in an older building. Anthonino’s is an open inviting restaurant with a bar and seating for both the bar and restaurant. The staff is pleasant and helpful, and they try to answer any questions one might have. Since it was warm outside we chose to eat outside. With the large sidewalks, one didn’t feel interrupted by pedestrians who happened to walk by. We were, however greeted by Bob, the owners’ father. The family has been in the restaurant business for over twenty years, with their father having owned the chain, Athen’s Café.

We started out with Calamari and cheese garlic bread. The calamari was perfectly cooked – not chewy at all, and the cheese garlic bread was to die for. Being made out of chibatta bread added a wonderful touch, and no one can go wrong if bread is topped with provel cheese.

I then had the house salad topped with octopus – baby octopus. Since I have a frozen octopus in my freezer, I thought I would try some to see how it tastes. While it is a little more chewy than calamari, it is still very tender, and quite tasty too. I am looking forward to cooking my octopus. Included in the salad were tomatoes, peppers red onion, and a creamy house dressing.

If that wasn’t enough food, we then moved on to the entrees. I ordered Chicken Pesto Pasta, while my friend ordered the salmon pasta. Hers came with salmon, capers, red onions and an oil and garlic sauce. Very yummy and tasty. The Chicken Pesto Pasta had large pieces of chicken, cooked pancetta, gorgonzola cheese, and a light pesto sauce. Their pasta is ordered from Mangia, a restaurant on Grand Avenue that sells fresh pasta – it was by far, the best pasta I have eaten in a long time.

We ended the evening with an ice cream dessert called Galatoboureko, which was made at a restaurant I used to frequent a lot called Baldo’s. Located on Hampton Avenue, Baldo’s is an old world Italian restaurant that exudes its own charm. The food is fresh, the flavors very traditional, and it is still under the helm of the original owner. I learned something Friday night. Baldo makes gelato and sells it wholesale all over the city! I never knew that. This dessert is gelato covered in chocolate and topped with more chocolate. A perfect ending to a wonderful meal. We will definitely be back.

After dinner – we were stuffed – we walked around the Hill and found several things in shop windows that we would like to buy. All in all, it was a great evening! I can’t wait to go out to dinner again soon!

More posts coming soon! Have a great weekend!!

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