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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jakey in June - a Great Time

Saturday was the second annual Jakey in June Barbeque. Barbequers from as far away as Tennessee came to our little neck of the woods to enter the contest. What a fabulous time we all had. This year, for the first time, there was a kids’ cue contest.

There were two groups; ages 5-10 and 11-15. The younger kids cooked burgers, while the older kids tackled pork chops. You could bring your own ingredients to add to the meat, but the meat was provided by the village. Twenty little grills were set up for the kids. With parents standing by, kids grilled – some for the first time – and entered their creations for the contest. There were all kinds of burgers, some made with cheese and bacon, some made with goodies hiding inside, some made with secret sauces, but all made by eager and excited children. While they only announced the first three winners, all entrants received a ribbon.

I didn’t judge the pork chops, but they looked awesome too. I know those kids had to put all kinds of seasonings on them. From what I heard from the others who judged them, they were full of flavor and quite tender and juicy.

After the kids’ que was over, I got to wander around for a while and check out the different barbequers. There were some locals, like our very fire department, and some from Missouri and Tennessee. Saturday night was the Anything Goes judging – of which I was a part. Anything Goes means that anything can be entered except brisket, chicken, pork shoulder, and ribs. Those items were to be judged on Sunday.

My table got to try a smoked jalapano pepper with an interesting stuffing and wrapped with a very smoky bacon and two types of pork tenderloin. The jalapano was by far the best one at my table, but there were some tasty dishes at the other table too. The other table had a pork tenderloin, smoked salmon, and shrimp. Being a judge allowed me to try everything after the judging was over.

Having the opportunity to judge a barbeque contest was great. For a food lover, it was an interesting opportunity to see another side of cooking. The only down side was that I couldn’t be there to help the boys in the kids’ que. In order to keep things fair, I didn’t judge my kids’ burgers either – the other table judged them.

After judging, it was a relaxing evening hanging out with friends and family. There was such a nice crowd of people. The kids got to play with their friends and we all got the opportunity to talk to people that we often get to see. I can’t wait for the next barbeque! Too bad Jakey in June comes but once a year.

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