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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day One Memphis

Tonight was our first night in Memphis. It is good to come back to a place you have been before. Trying to decide which restaurant to go to was easily decided by our bellman. When he brought our bags to us, we asked him about where to eat. He suggested A and R Barbecue, a local place close to the hotel. Making sure they had BBQ spaghetti and fried pickles, off we went.

The restaurant is very casual. They have take out and a dining room. Hubby had the rack of ribs, and I had the brisket. I also had…….fried pickles!!!! I just love them – don’t know why, but they are so good. Hubby really liked the ribs – he got sauce on his face. I asked him to describe the ribs…..[bleep] awesome dude! They were juicy and tender. My brisket was good – not dry, very nice flavor. Hubby said he liked the ribs better. I was devastated though; no spaghetti. It was terrible, I was totally speechless….ok, maybe not that bad. We might go back though. The fried pies are supposed to be to die for.

We bought tickets for the baseball game tomorrow. I think the boys would have a great time at a Redbirds game. Watching a game in the Autozone Park is a great experience. It is one of the nicest minor league parks in the country. More about that tomorrow.

After dinner we walked around downtown Memphis, mainly staying around Beale Street. Hubby got a few beers and we just sat outside and watched he people walk around. It was a quiet evening, not too many tourists walking around town. I always get a kick out of the signs.....Big Ass Beer and Next chance, 25 feet.

As I was sitting on the street, I noticed these bugs that were scurrying around so fast, it seemed like they were running from a fire. I was totally fascinated and had to know more. They were long skinny bugs that reminded me of roaches, but since they had wings, we thought they couldn't be. We asked a bouncer that was standing outside - I can't remember the name, but he said they were from the roach family - score one for me - and that they are considered outside roaches. They migrate near water and can't survive inside; they will die in 24 hours if they are inside. I did note that I was not the only one who noticed the little guys running all over Beale Street. Lots of people were stopping to watch the shiny little rodents.

More tomorrow as we explore the city! Have a great day!!!

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