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Friday, July 3, 2009

First Peaches of the Season

The other day I had to drive to Carlyle to Lakeside Orchard to take a picture of the owner for the local paper I write for. I had previously interviewed the orchard owner, who by the way, is a very nice person.

We walked to a lovely spot in the orchard where there were some beautiful peaches ready to pick. A large box was packed for us, and the boys got to help pick some of the peaches. We took the box of peaches to the baseball game, where the players and their parents. Everyone seemed to like them, and my oldest ate quite a few.

The orchard sits on 11 acres by Carlyle Lake right off the highway. It is soooo pretty. I wish I could walk off my deck and into an orchard. The rows in between the trees are wide enough to drive a vehicle through, and at night the lights from a vehicle make the peaches shimmer.

Have a happy holiday!!! Be back soon with more posts!!!

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Anonymous said...

Katie -- I see the boys are really enjoying the summer, hope you are to. I have gotten your messages but the family & I are on vaation -- I will call you when I get back & we can get together!! karrie