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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Memphis Day Two

Today was a busy day. First we tried to go to a museum, but it is closed on Tuesdays. We were a little bummed; we had it all planned, go to the museum, and eat at Gus’s, which is pretty close. We now have a new plan. Tomorrow we are going to try again to go to the museum, and now we are going to Pearl’s Oyster House – a restaurant we found on our walk today.

Instead of the museum, we decided to ride the trolley down to the riverfront. The trolley is an interesting piece of history. It rattles and creaks, and seems to have much of the original woodwork. Our ride took about 30 minutes. During that time, we saw the pyramid sports center, that isn’t being used anymore. We also saw beautiful riverfront homes – there were 3-4 on the market. The driver of the streetcar told us that a small house on the river goes for about 1.2 million – just a little out of our price range – lol.

After the trolley, we walked to Gus’s Fried Chicken for some world famous chicken. Recommended to us by friends and employees of our hotel, we were quite ready for the best chicken. While fried chicken isn’t my favorite food, Hubby has been known to eat 18 pieces of fried chicken in one sitting. He only did that one time to try to beat one of his brothers – his brother came back and ate 19 pieces to beat his best.

Hubby has never tried to beat the new record. Anyway, Hubby said that this fried chicken is as good as he as ever had. Having noticed the punch of spice, I asked the waitress what type of heat they added to the mix for the chicken. She told me that as employees, they are required to sign affidavits that they won’t give any secrets away about the food. She also went on to say that Gus’s brother comes in with a five gallon bucket, goes to the back of the store behind locked doors and prepares the chicken. I guess they really want to keep the recipe secret.

The restaurant is in a very old building, with tin ceilings and checkered tablecloths. Looking at the menu made me laugh. Where most menus have appetizers and entrees, Gus’s menu categories include starters and snacks, with the snacks being the chicken choices. I had to laugh – a piece of fried chicken considered a snack; not in my house, although Hubby would love that.

I had to order fried pickles – it is my mission while here, to try and find the best fried pickles. They were soo good. I think they were coated in cornmeal and dill weed, although I have heard that crushed saltines make a good crust for pickles as well. I am trying pickles at an oyster joint today – can’t wait.

After our “snack” we walked to the courthouse, the fountain, Main Street and all over downtown Memphis just exploring and looking around. Memphis has tons of condos available for downtown living. We also stopped by the Fire Museum – I am always interested in all things fire since by brother in law is the fire chief in our community.

Later we went to the Redbirds game – Hubby really enjoys baseball. We got to see Lohse pitch. He is from the Cardinals and trying to get healthy from an injury. The Redbirds won by 2 runs. I just love that stadium. It is the second time we have been there and I still enjoy it. First we don’t have to drive, as it is located within walking distance from our hotel. It isn’t large, so there really isn’t a bad seat. Third, I love, love Rocky! He is so personable and nice. I like him so much more than Fred – sorry Fred. Again, I would love to take the boys; they would totally enjoy it.

To cap off the day, we decided to go to Silky O’Sullivan’s, a bar we spent a lot of time at last year. Last year, we really enjoyed hanging out there. They have dueling pianos, with players that seem to have a lot of fun trying to entertain the crowd. In fact last year, we spent three evenings there listening to the music and the banter between the guys. We also saw, last year, them serving food and thought that it looked good and that we had to try it if we came back.

I think the food looked good because the bar is dark. It didn’t taste all that good. It wasn’t terrible; it is just that we have had better; except for the gumbo. There are a few things I was really looking forward to on this trip – fried pickles, gumbo, and bbq spaghetti. I haven’t had bbq spaghetti yet, but I will. Anyway, I was excited that gumbo was on the menu, but…..I didn’t like it at all!!! I was so disappointed. I can’t really describe the texture that gumbo should have, but this didn’t taste anything like gumbo to me. it had the consistency of a really thick chili, and I felt the rice was an afterthought to the dish. So, gumbo goes back on the list, because I feel I haven’t had any yet.

Today we are going to gamble, go to a museum, and eat. Be back later with a recap. Have a great day!!!


Robo said...

I've been to Memphis once and you've got me wanting to go back again. Nancy and I enjoyed the Rum Boogie Cafe on Beale, and if you can catch Pam and Terry they are a fun act to watch. www.pamandterry.com has their schedule.

Katie's blog said...

We spent time at Rum Boogie last year - cool place. I don't think we saw Pam and Terry, though.