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Monday, August 10, 2009

Very Berry Cheesecake

I took the kids to our time share near Herman Mo. the other day, while a friend of mine took her daughter to their family farm not too far away from our time share. Hubby met us up there later in the day. Since Hubby and I got sick, we couldn’t go on the kid portion of our vacation. This trip was trying to make up for it.

We had quite an adventure getting to our destination. There was tons of traffic and we were stuck in traffic for more than one hour. We finally arrived, and the boys and I checked in and drove to the farm.

What a cool place – it is really a place for hunters to hang out, but it is still very nice. They have three different gardens with tons of great produce. I got to sample the zucchini, tomatoes, and blackberries. I have to say, it is a toss-up between the blackberries and tomatoes. I was very fortunate in that I got to take some of both home, so we have been enjoying them for the past few days.

I decided to make blackberry cheesecakes with some of my blackberries – berry good!! The recipe is from Ina Garten. She made a raspberry cheesecake, so I just substituted blackberries for raspberries. The cheesecake was very easy to make, and it turned out great. My oldest helped me with the baking – he loves desserts! We made two cheesecakes, and delivered to three of our friends. As the boys said, it was a good day!


recipes2share said...

Now how did you know my weakness for cheesecake?? I'm soo going to have to try out this recipe, thanks!

Jerrid said...

This Very Berry Cheesecake looks delicious. I will try this very soon!