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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Chicken Dinner - Part Two of Three (Italian Wedding Soup)

For the second of my chicken dishes, I chose another Ina recipe. I love Italian Wedding Soup, and she has a recipe for a relatively healthy soup. I of course couldn’t find chicken sausage, so I had to use a less healthy pork sausage.

I made this for one of my friends, who came to dinner with her host daughter from Russia. The boys were excited to meet someone from another country – and they asked her so many questions, they were able to get their language belt loop for scouts. She taught them 39 new words in Russian, along with the alphabet and numbers. They learned some differences between our schooling and theirs. They also played Wii with her, which she really seemed to enjoy.

Dinner turned out really well. I loved that the meatballs were baked, not cooked in oil. I used chicken stock that I made from scratch – the easiest stock to make – and I think that really helped the soup come to life. I think I made the meatballs a little big, but that was fine. I do think next time, though that I will really try to make them bite size.

Substituting pork sausage for chicken sausage didn’t affect the soup at all. The dill and spinach added a touch of freshness that makes all dishes sparkle. I have to say here that I love spinach in soup; I don’t know why, I just do. It adds a layer of flavor that oftentimes totally completes a dish.

My friends loved dinner. I paired the soup with garlic cheese biscuits – ala Red Lobster style. I didn’t have any cheddar cheese, so I substituted sliced Colby jack. Turned out great. Those are my favorite biscuits. In fact, those are the only biscuits that I make well.

Next post is part three of the chicken dinners. Quick question that is totally off topic. We grilled shrimp tonight that I marinated in olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, chili powder, parsley, lime zest and fresh squeezed lime juice. While I thought it was really good, I also thought it was missing something. Any ideas? I thought about the smoky flavors of cumin, but wanted some suggestions. Thanks! Talk to you all soon!!

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