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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Holiday Dining - Dinner with Friends

Right before Christmas, my friends and I went to dinner at Kobe Japanese Steak House in Westport Plaza. The food was good and it isn’t overpriced at all. Dinner includes soup, salad, appetizer, rice, and the main course. Their web site has coupons and specials, so that it isn’t out of reach for anyone who might want a different dining experience.

It was one of the best meals we have ever had. Kobe is a restaurant where a chef cooks your food table (grill) side. We had the best chef, Vince – he was funny, charming, and very nice. At one point, he was flipping shrimp into our mouths – I kept missing. Finally, he caught me totally off guard and I caught the shrimp. It was one of the funnier moments of the meal.

At our table was a couple out on their first date. They met on an internet site. They both seemed nice and the guy, I thought, interacted very well with us, considering he was the only man sitting at a table with six women, none of whom he knew very well. Thinking about first dates made me totally appreciate where I am in life.

I had the filet and shrimp combo. I also ordered a side of calamari. My dinner was perfectly cooked. The calamari, I think, was the best. For a starter, we had a clear soup with mushrooms in it. Light and tasty, I had the urge to lick the bowl. He also grilled some shrimp for us, and then it was on to the main course. I ordered fried rice with my meal – yum. I don’t really know what he put into it, but it was really good.

I have to reiterate that this was one of the most fun meals with the girls I have ever had. Having the chef cook for us added much fun to the meal. Eating this way adds a festive entertainment side to the meal. I have had great waiters and waitresses before, but the personal chef – with a sense of humor adds something all together different to the dining experience.

Have a great day! Be back soon with more posts. Still working on that pork idea. I think I am going to put the pork in my mini roaster and see what happens.

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Beth said...

I agree....dinner there was fantastic! I could so eat some of tha food RIGHT NOW!