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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Picture for the Day and Birthday Cake

Today is my birthday. I am so lucky to have great friends! At school, my birthday buddy made me pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and tonight my friend made me chocolate cake with sprinkles!

I didn't do anything spectacular today, yet it was a perfect day. I think I can say it was the best birthday. Thanks to all the great wishes I received. I enjoyed them all. I am truly blessed.

My picture today is the chocolate cake with sprinkles from one of my best friends. Thank you Patti!


Nancy R said...

Happy Birthday!

Katie's blog said...


Nancy R said...

What happened to the post about submitting photos of your kitchen to HGTV? Rob told me about it, but I can't find it...there's a link below this post, but it doesn't work. Did you pull it?

Katie's blog said...

I pulled from it HGTV because people were snarky about the "clutter" Other people were also rude about white appliances and such. I did get some positive, but I can't believe how negative people can be. Since I pulled it, I decided to delete the post.