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Friday, June 11, 2010

First Vacation Meal

We arrived at our hotel in Nag’s Head the first night and our first order of business was dinner. We hopped over to Panico Jacks – a steak and seafood place, and ate outside on their deck. It was great to sit and be able to hear the surf. Such a calming sound.
Our waiter was great. He got the kids squared away with spaghetti – they scarfed it down; he also brought bread for them later while we were eating. He must have known they would still be hungry. Since it was so dark outside, we ordered what he recommended.

For me it was the grilled yellow fin tuna; scallion fettuccine, tomatoes, baby oak mushrooms, scallions, feta cheese, in a reduced cream sauce. Soooo good!!!!! Hubby ordered Soft shells and shrimp, served with a vegetable medley and mashed potatoes. We love soft shelled crab – I actually made it once at home, and have been looking forward to eating some here. Our meal was great. Be back with more adventures from our trip!

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Free to be me: Danielle said...

Hey Katie!! It was SO nice to meet you today at the beach... I had such a nice time talking to you and thank you for taking pictures of my husband...

Looking forward to checking out your blog... so far the pictures look YUMMY!!

Danielle :)