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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Outer Banks Day 3

For our third day in the Outer Banks, we lazed by the pool in the morning, and drove up to Cape Hatteras in the afternoon. There we climbed 257 stairs to the top of the lighthouse – the tallest lighthouse in America. I have wanted to do that since the first time I saw the Bodie Island lighthouse when I was pregnant with my oldest child.
Climbing up the spiral staircase was very easy – I was sweating, but I was 90 degrees in the unairconditioned lighthouse. We went out on the observation deck where the winds were about 20
miles an hour. I have to admit that I was a little freaked out by the height. Anyway, the climb up the stairs was much, much easier than the climb down. Since I have no, and I mean no depth perception, climbing down was just a little freaky for me. Hubby said I was walking like an old lady – whatever. I was also wearing flip flops; probably not the best idea I have ever had.
I was surprised to learn that this lighthouse was moved 11 years ago, because the shoreline changed. There is much interesting history out here.

I have no food pictures to post for this third day of vacation. We ate sandwiches for lunch and went to a seafood buffet for dinner. There really weren’t any picture opportunities. The buffet was good; I think the soft shell crabs were the best, followed by the steamed clams. They brought the clams fresh from the kitchen every time. Hubby tried the different types of fish that were on the buffet, but he wasn’t impressed. I guess the fish just kept cooking and was dried out by the time he got to the buffet. The boys tried clams from the shell, and my little one tried oysters. Overall a good meal and a great day.

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