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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Memphis - Food and Fun!

The entire family went to Memphis this past weekend. We took the boys with us for the first time, and the boys had a blast. The weekend was very hot, so we had to watch the outdoor activities. We got to Memphis in time for dinner – first stop A and R BBQ. The boys rated it a ten! I had their smoked wings, my oldest had a side of ribs – we helped him a bit – and my youngest had a shoulder sandwich. Hubby ate a pork plate. I have to say that people in Memphis are some of the nicest people I have ever met.

We went to Memphis on the 33d anniversary of Elvis' death. We didn't go to Graceland this time. We decided to let Graceland be a place for those who truly loved him - meaning it was way too crowded to take the boys there, or go there ourselves. We will take the boys there some day.
We stayed at the Peabody – my favorite hotel in the world. We also had a front row seat for the duck parade. The boys thought the ducks were cool. Their palace on the skyway has just been remodeled – they have really nice digs now.
The Peabody makes all their desserts in house – we had to try some for the boys. My oldest picked out the Peabody duck – it is filled with luscious chocolate. Eating it was like finding a hidden treasure.

We also ate at Central BBQ, a place recommended to us by some friends. They were packed! Hubby ate brisket, which I loved. I had the pork, and the boys both had pork sandwiches. We couldn’t decide which BBQ place we liked better – we will have to go back.
Tired of BBQ, we decided to try a Mexican restaurant one night – soooo good. I don’t think I have had such good Mexican food as I did at Rio Loco, right down the street from the Peabody. I am going to mimic their bean and beef dip. I had shrimp in a cheese sauce, not fattening at all – not! The server was so nice to my kids. I just love it when restaurant staff is nice to the kids. It drives me nuts when they are ignored because they aren’t the ones who are paying.

We went to the Pink Palace, a museum that was once the almost mansion of the guy who started the Piggly Wiggly supermarkets. They have a replica of the first self serve grocery store. While Hubby and I were looking at all the products that might have been in there, we found – or I should say – he found Shinola shoe polish. Now I do know the difference between shit and shinola!
On our last night we went to a Memphis Redbird’s game. We didn’t make it all the way through; it went 16 innings. We stayed until the 11th inning and then went to dinner. My oldest loved the game, and my youngest, for the first time, enjoyed almost the entire game. The last time we went to a baseball game, he wanted to go home after the second inning. Made for a long night for me.
Going to a game in Memphis, to me, is more fun than going to a Cardinal’s game. There are fewer people, it is more relaxed, and I just like it better. I don’t know why, I just do.


Beth said...

Love those T-shirts the boys are wearing!

Katie's blog said...

They love them!!! Thanks for the help picking them out!