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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mexican Cheese Dip

I love Mexican food. While we were traveling this summer, we went to two different Mexican restaurants; one in Charleston, West VA, and one in Memphis, TN. At both restaurants, they had this great dip with queso cheese, refried beans, and meat. It was fabulous. I tried to recreate the dip at home.

All I did was make taco meat and refried beans (from a can). I put the beans on the bottom, added the meat, and put queso cheese on top. I garnished with tomatoes and green onions. While what was served at the Mexican restaurants was probably better, mine, for a quick dip, wasn’t bad at all. There was just a drop left.

Enjoy – pasta salad this week. Talk to you soon.


MaryMoh said...

I love Mexican food. Have just started learning to cook it recently. This dish looks really delicious. I have to learn, too. Thanks very much for sharing.

Katie's blog said...

We love to eat Mexican. It is one of our favorite cuisines.