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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Seared Shrimp Salad and Sauteed Squid

So, today I watched Cooking Channel – I saw Emeril’s show – something about fast food. Anyway, he made BBQ shrimp and a seared shrimp salad. Since I had almost all the ingredients for the shrimp salad, I decided to try that for part of my dinner.

The recipe called for Andouille sausage, but all I had was Chorizo sausage, so I used that instead. I thought it turned out fairly well – the dressing’s base was the sausage, so it was a little greasy. I also opted to not make croutons, and I used tortilla strips that I had on hand instead. They aren’t in the picture, but we sprinkled them on.

I also made squid steaks – yes there are squid out there that are big enough for steak meat. I love calamari, but haven’t been able to find calamari rings at the store lately. They have been out for the past three weeks. They had squid steaks, so I thought I might try them. I think - I just looked on line again - that I will try this recipe next time. I didn't tenderize my steaks, and I didn't soak them in milk. I did saute them in hot oil, though.

All I did was marinate the squid in salt, pepper, Italian seasonings, minced garlic, and olive oil. i then sautéed them in olive oil for about three minutes per side and served them on a bed of lettuce.

While the flavor was very good, they were a teeny bit rubbery – comes with the territory, I have had much rubberier and chewier calamari. I think I will slice up the leftovers and serve them in a salad. I might look at some more recipes on line and see if some other recipe catches my eye. Otherwise, I will just wait for the rings to come in.

Have a great evening – see you real soon!!

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