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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandma and Gizzard Noodle Soup

So this past week has been super busy.  Last weekend we went to Bloomington to see my older son’s godparents.  This past weekend, we went to Ohio for my grandmother’s 100th birthday.  She officially turned 100 today, but we celebrated Saturday.  Needless to say, my cooking time this weekend was cut short.  I would rather spend time with my grandma than cook anytime. 

Funny story about Grandma and her birthday.  She always celebrated her birthday on January 12 – the same day as my birthday.  Every year I would have to hear the story from my mom about how my grandma specifically asked for a red haired, blue eyed baby girl for her birthday.  Even though my due date was December 27, I was born on January 12.  For whatever reason, that always bothered my mom.  When Grandma was about 90 or so, she found out that her birthday was actually on January 11.  I don’t know why she never celebrated her birthday on the 11th, but now we do and my grandma and I don’t technically share the day anymore.

The party was very nice, and there were many people who showed up.  My grandma is an amazing woman, who has lived a full life.  She is still a vital person, who finds enjoyment in each day.  I hope if I live to be 100, that I can live like she does.  Happy Birthday Grandma!
For food this week, I decided to make soup.  Since it is so cold, soup is one of the only things that really hits the spot.  As I was thinking about what kind of soup to make, I received my weekly email from Taste of Home.  One of their recipes was for Gizzard Soup……seriously!  I love gizzards.  The only way I have ever had them is fried and dipped in ranch dressing – way too fattening.  This recipe offered my a healthier way to eat them and filled my soup requirement for the night.

I did make a few changes to the recipe.  I used whole wheat flour as well as whole grain pasta.  I also used steak seasoning in the flour instead of seasoning salt – more punch.  Olive oil replaced vegetable oil, and I garnished with parsley – for a bit of freshness.

It was a total hit.  The whole family loved it.  Hubby said the gizzards were the most tender gizzards he had ever eaten.  I thought it was very tasty and very east to make.  The steak seasoning added a nice punch to the meal, while the parsley gave it the freshness I was looking for.   The gizzards were awesome, and they were very tender – not chewy like when they are fried, but moist and tender and great in soup.

That is all for today – more later, when I have time.  Happy Birthday again Grandma!!


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