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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day and grilling. A great start to summer

I have to say that I am glad that school is over.  Not that I don't like school, I do, the end of the year is just so busy for me that when it finally ends, I am sort of glad.  On the flip side, I am happy to start the year each August too.  Maybe I will have some more time to post to my blog.  I sure hope so.

Enough of that, for our first grilling of the "summer," I decided that we needed to grill some wings.  Last week was our annual Strawberry Festival, and while I was there, one of the groups that grills brats cooked some wings that I thought were very good.  I searched on the internet and found the recipe.  It is from a  Marlboro cookbook - I never even knew Marlboro had cookbooks.

This recipe is very easy and quite tasty if you like an oriental twist to your recipes.  Marlboro JK's Original Western Wings recipe can be found on Group Recipes.  The next time I make it I might put some green onions in the marinade - I love green onions.  I also marinated them all night.  I think that made the flavor stronger.

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