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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quick trip to visit family

My kids and I took a quick trip to Ohio to see my grandma - she is 100 - and to Canada to see my cousin and her new baby.  While it was a quick trip, we had a great time.

 Grandma was amazing.  At 100, she is slow, but she is all there.  I am amazed every time I see her.  I have such great memories of her - she has been a part of my life since forever.  I am blessed to still have her in my my life.  While I know I won't ever have pumpkin pie or potatoes cooked in bacon fat; yum!

My kids talk about her quite a bit.  She is their great grandma, and she loves to sit there and hold her hands and stroke their faces.  While they are at an antsy age, they sit quietly for her and answer all her questions.  The link between the young and the old is a wonder to see.  When they were younger, they used to beg to sit by her at meals.  They think she is pretty cool.

I also spent time with my aunt.  She is one of my favorite people in the world.  She always has an upbeat attitude, and is just plain fun to be around.  She and her husband winter in Florida every year and spend the rest of the year in Ohio.  She and her hubby are very creative, and they seem to work well together.  I am glad they found each other.

We also went to my cousin's house in Canada.  She and her husband live on a farm, and he raises pigs.  I have never seen such a large operation.  The boys both got to hold a baby pig.  I think they had the best time in Canada - it was their first trip to a foreign country, and they enjoyed looking for the differences between the two countries.

I was impressed how my kids interacted with their new cousin, a five month old baby boy.  Spending so much time with him prompted my kids to ask all kinds of questions about how they acted as kids.  They wanted to know if they did the same things their baby cousin was doing now.  I have to say, it was really cute.

We also went to Niagara Falls - what a beautiful place.  I was there once before, when I was a freshman in high school.  The falls haven't changed, but the area around sure has.  There is so much to do, other than the falls.  I have to say, it was strange to see the difference in the falls between my two visits.  The first time I was there, I don't remember anything but the falls and one little gift shop.  Now there are go kart tracks, many gift shops, restaurants, a Ripley's theatre, and so much more!  Not being into commercialism, I amazed myself, because I want to go back and explore more.

My cousin was a great host!  Niagara Falls is only about an hour and a half from her house, but of course, the QEW was closed and we had to figure out a different way to get there.  A short trip ended up taking more than twice as long to get there.  Even though it took a long time to get there, we had a great time.  We stopped at McDonald's for lunch.  It is the first time the boys have been there in a year.  I think they savored every bite!  

On our last day in Canada, we saw one of my other cousins.  She is woking her way through college, so she has to work a lot.  We at at the restaurant where she works.  We didn't get to spend much time with her, but it was good to see her.

Our trip was short, but I am so glad we went.  I didn't get to spend very much time with my grandma - she had a busy week planned.  I wasn't the only person to visit; my dad and stepmother, my brother, and a friend from California came to visit too.  She is a very popular person.

Family is very important.  I hope I teach that to my kids as they grow up.